Browse through the gallery of RIBs available in 2022. See a boat you like? Click on an image to find out more about the company and contact their sales department for further details.
Silurian Scorpion Ribs | Silurian |
LOA: 10.49m
Beam: 3.25m
Serket Scorpion Ribs | Serket |
LOA: 7.8m - 9.8m
Beam: 2.75m
Desire 120s Skipper | Desire 120s |
LOA: 12.40m
Beam: 3.40m
Engine: Max 3×627 HP
Desire 120s Tender Skipper | Desire 120s Tender |
LOA: 12.40m
Beam: 3.50m
Engine: Max 3×627 HP
NC100s Skipper | NC100s |
LOA: 9.95m
Beam: 2.90m
Engine: Max 2×400 HP